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Hand-made is hard to come by these days. Computers and fast, high-volume printing methods make it easy and relatively painless to slap something together, using high-tech printing and publishing techniques.

Now, don't get us wrong, we don't snub technology here at Cricket Press. We have computers, and we use them often. We enjoy being efficient.
It's the end-product, and lasting impression that we take issue with on most things we see. We like to spend a little more time on things, and use older, some say "outdated" techniques to produce the things we do. 98% of the stuff we create starts out with pencils, ink and paper... then ends up being printed using good 'ol elbow grease and sweat.

Not sure what we are talking about? Not convinced? Next time you come across something that has been screenprinted or printed using a letterpress, hold that next to something that has been offset printed or photocopied. Run your fingers across them, hold them up to the light, feel the weight of them. We think you'll soon come to understand what we're getting at here...

Technique is only half the equation, though. Again, about 98% of the stuff we make is hand-rendered or hand-crafted; straight from our little imaginations, down to our hands, and right onto the page. Of course, it might take a little longer, but we think it's worth it.

Getting Started :

-Contact us-
Email us at: cricketpress@gmail.com and explain what you may (or may not) have in mind. We will reply promptly with any suggestions, answers and ideas...or arrange a time/place where we can meet in person to discuss your job further.
Unsure of what you want? No problem! We take pride in our craft and will answer any questions you may have, while sharing our own ideas and techniques. Almost anything is possible. We will work with you, giving you the personal attention that your job requires because we wouldn’t ask less for ourselves.

-Job Estimate-
Once your project is discussed we will email you a job estimate. This will contain a rough cost quote based around the specifics of your job. Through out the project any and all changes to the estimate are shared and approved by the client before moving forward.

You will also receive a Job Description and Contract that clearly defines your project and the date the project is due.

To begin work, we only require a small deposit to reserve your project on our work queue.

Proofs are made available via email and we will provide reliable communications until you are totally pleased with the art. Only after approval does your project go to print. Everything is printed by hand, by us, here in our studio. Cricket Press is only two people...so every job is given intimate attention. We average a 4 week turn-around, from first concepts...to print, on most projects.

What you pay for…
-Personal Attention
-Hands-on Design & Printing

Isn’t your special occasion worth the personal touch?